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threat monitoring systems
threat monitoring systems

All-Polish ASTRA Threat Monitoring System

The ASTRA Threat Monitoring System integrates various technologies of signal transmission used in monitoring systems into one, uniformed system with all-Polish range. The system creates a cooperation platform for the various types of alarm transmission systems.

The main advantage of the ASTRA is a possibility of reduction in the costs of technical monitoring that can be obtained through the integration and cooperation of various monitoring systems. Reaching this goal is possible owing to the connection of existing local systems into one, national system with one main Monitoring Center. It allows to carry out the monitoring without limitation in location, time, media type, availability of local systems, expected functions and the way of security arrangement.

The system includes all typical media used to transfer alarm signals i.e.:

  • ground radio links,
  • cellular telephony radio links(GSM/SMS;GSM/GPRS),
  • virtually permanent cable links (Sezam),
  • commutated telephone lines (PSTN),
  • IT network links (X.28, TCP/IP) - with an option of video transmisssion.

The system is unique because of:

  • centralization of monitoring network - the use of extensive networks resources,
  • reduction in the number of local monitoring centers, limitating them to local centers and one national center,
  • reduction in personal costs of numerous monitoring centers and other costs related with them (rents etc.),
  • the possibility to remotely operate the local staffless monitoring systems,
  • directing signals to any, operating within the system, Alarm Terminal including Police, Fire Department etc.,
  • cooperation with various monitoring systems including: Nokton, Safecom, Mikron,
  • the possibility to offer the standarized monitoring service to clients throughout the country,
  • the possibility to fully take advantage of investments in local monitoring station construction,
  • monitoring of vehicles with specifying its location (GPS) and current status,
  • the use of all-Polish radio network for two-way digital dispatching communication with intervention teams along with specifying the time of reaching the destination by the teams.